Zombie Hand Tutorial

 I just recently made a Zombie cake and wanted to quickly put out a post on how to make a Zombie hand or any hand in general really.   Here are some tools that you will need: Petal Dusts (not luster dust unless you want your hand sparkly and shiny–not really a zombie feature, but I guess if you are doing a fairy or something … Continue reading Zombie Hand Tutorial

Ice Cube Trays make great cupcake toppers!

Anytime I am at a store shopping, naturally I look around for ideas for my next cake, cupcake or cookie design.  Sometimes I am inspired by a shirt or toy as to what I want it to look like, but sometimes as I walk around I find items that I can use as a tool to make them.  I love these for a few reasons: 1. They generally are cheaper … Continue reading Ice Cube Trays make great cupcake toppers!

How to make edible fake blood

One of the cake decorating teachers that I took classes from in the past Erin Gardner has posted a great tutorial on Craftsy’s blog on how to make edible fake blood!  It looks awesome!  If you want to make a quick and easy cake this is perfect for your next Halloween party! Here are the Ingredients: 1 cup corn syrup 2 tablespoons water 2 tablespoons … Continue reading How to make edible fake blood

Monster Cake Class!

Halloween will be soon upon us.  Here is the first of the fun Halloween treats.  A simple monster cake, but totally cute.  But, what is more fun than a Monster cake? A Monster cake decorating class! Each girl received a 6 inch round cake and was taught how to make cake ball eyeballs and how to make the fur for their monster.  Then they were let loose … Continue reading Monster Cake Class!

Unicorn Eyelashes the Quick and Easy Way!

Unicorn cakes are becoming quite popular for young girls birthday cakes.  But sometimes making all the pieces can be tedious.  A few weeks ago I discovered these cutters and will never go back to making unicorn eyes by hand!  The cutters were really inexpensive and work amazingly!  They thought of everything to even getting the pieces easily out of the cutters (which normally can be … Continue reading Unicorn Eyelashes the Quick and Easy Way!

Top 12 Favorite Cake Tools

I love cake tools!  I have to make sure I don’t go to cake decorating stores and websites, because I am always tempted with all of the amazing tools that they keep coming up with! Very dangerous for my bank account! But, they make my decorating time so much faster and efficient.   So there are some that are definitely worth investing.  I am going to … Continue reading Top 12 Favorite Cake Tools

Turn Oreos into edible St. Patrick’s Day Gold Coins

Oreos are a simple and easy cookie for parties or get togethers.  But, what if you could make it more festive for your party? You could cover with chocolate or turn them into truffles, but what if you could do something even easier! Below you will see how you can turn a plain Oreo into a gold coin quickly and easily for your St. Patricks … Continue reading Turn Oreos into edible St. Patrick’s Day Gold Coins

Yoda Cupcake Topper Tutorial

Yoda is a really easy cupcake topper to make.  It requires only a few tools and you can make it as life like as you want or just leave it plain and it still looks good. Here are the tools you will need: The Yoda cookie cutter from Williams-Sonoma . Either a black food coloring pen or black food coloring, a tiny paint brush, clear vanilla, … Continue reading Yoda Cupcake Topper Tutorial

Storm Trooper Cupcake Tutorial

I thought I would start with the storm trooper.  It to me was the most time consuming one, but as long as you have a steady hand and patience then you are just fine.  I used the cookie cutter from Amazon If possible make the toppers for the cupcakes a few days before the party so they can harden slightly to hold their shape.  If you … Continue reading Storm Trooper Cupcake Tutorial

3D T-rex cake Tutorial

After taking that structure class in Canada I was soon issued my first challenge.  My middle son had an upcoming birthday and asked for a T-Rex that was standing.  He wasn’t going to make it easy on me.  So I had to figure out the structure that would support a 3D T-Rex! I ended up doing a structure somewhat close to the dog one that I … Continue reading 3D T-rex cake Tutorial