My Favorite Tutorial Sites

I love to learn new techniques and try new things.  In order to do this, I used to travel around and take classes from all the people that you see competing on competitions on TV.  But this is very expensive and time consuming since you have to travel there, stay in a hotel, and pay for the class.  And usually each class is at least over $150.  I have gotten wiser the older I get.  If I go to a cake show and there is a technique that I haven’t quite mastered or really want to learn by the hand of the master I will, but besides that I do all my learning online.There are amazing sites out there (and I have subscribed to quite a few of them in the past), but I have narrowed it down to about 3 that I follow and will continue to subscribe to.  I don’t know if I have a specific one that is my favorite because they offer so much, but I will tell you about them and you can decide.

My Top 3 paid sites that I subscribe to are: Paul Bradford’s Sugarcraft SchoolPretty Witty Cakes, and Craftsy.

Paul Bradfor’s Sugarcraft School  has been voted the top Cake Decorating School for the past 3 years (but possibly more, I just remember 3)  He posts a new cake every week and each of his designs are cutting edge and amazing!  I have learned an amazing amount from subscribing to his site and will always belong to his site!  He has a great way of teaching and breaks things down into easy steps.  He also has a ton of free classes on his site if you aren’t ready to just jump into a subscription.  He is in Ireland and has a great accent, but I haven’t had any problems understanding him.

Pretty Witty Cakes is another great one that I love.  This one is in Australia!  So it is nice to see the different designs that aren’t all the typical American ones.  Pretty Witty Cakes isn’t one cake decorator but a ton of different ones that specialize in different things so you get a slew of different techniques.  My favorite things about this site is they had an option to become a member for life!!!!!  So it was a little more on the expensive side, but so worth it!  And sometimes that member for life is on sale too!  So keep your eye out for that.  But they do offer other memberships if you want to do that or you can even just purchase a single tutorial as well.  They are great about posting new cakes and designs at least once a week.

Craftsy: is the cheapest of all of them because you purchase each class individually, so you don’t get as many tutorials as the other, but you only buy the ones that you want.  And they frequently go on sale so you can get them for even cheaper.  I normally wait until they are on sale and then buy a few that I have been wishing for. Another amazing part about Craftsy is that you can email questions to the teacher!!!  They also have a store that you can buy supplies as well!  I have loved all the supplies that I have gotten from them.

I love all three of these sites.  Enjoy!

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