How to get Perfectly Straight Sides on your Cookies! Round, Square, or any shape!

There is nothing more frustrating then baking your sugar cookie for a certain shape to have it come our imperfect.  Yes there are tricks like chilling your dough before you bake them, or making a recipe that specifically doesn’t spread, but even with that they don’t come out perfectly. What I do works everytime, is quick and super simple!  Here is what I use to fix that… a zester/microplaner!  Yes you heard me right, the tool you use to get lemon or lime zest.  It works perfectly with cookies!

See my YouTube video below on how to do it.  And it works perfectly with round cookies as well.  Just keep rotating it or do the sides you need.  And you can save the cookie crumbs for your next beach cake!

Now go make some perfectly shaped cookies!!

Tools I used:



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