Chevron baby shower cake, Marvelous Mold onlay.

Have you ever struggled to get something to go around your cake in a straight line?  If you have you know how difficult it can be.  That is why I LOVE the Marvelous Mold silicone onlays.  They are not only simple to use, but help you place it on your cake easily and in line.

Here are some videos of how to show you how easy they are to use!

See super simple!!  It helped me get the design on my cake in less 1/3 of the time it would have taken me to do it by hand.  I love their molds and plan on showing you more cakes that I have used them on.  And I will post some videos and tutorials me showing you how easy they are.

They have so many designs and options that it is hard to choose which one to get!  You can find the chevron onlay that I used here.

This review is my honest personal opinion of the product. I was not paid for the review,  but I do have affiliate links of my site that I make a small commission when you purchase from my affiliates.  It doesn’t change the price of your products, just helps me to do more tutorials for you!

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