Top 12 Favorite Cake Tools

I love cake tools!  I have to make sure I don’t go to cake decorating stores and websites, because I am always tempted with all of the amazing tools that they keep coming up with! Very dangerous for my bank account!

But, they make my decorating time so much faster and efficient.   So there are some that are definitely worth investing.  I am going to share some of my favorite tools, and links to where you can buy them. Some of them might be affiliate links, but I don’t recommend things unless I actually use it all the time and love it.

Angled spatula I LOOOOOVE this spatula.  Even when I am working on large cakes I always go for this spatula.  Fits nicely in your hand, and good quality. You really need a few of these on hand if you make cakes.

Unicorn eyelashes:




I love these Unicorn Eyelash Cutters! Unicorn Cakes are amazingly popular right now!  And making all the parts can be tedious.  These cutters really save a ton of time trying to make cute eyes! I am going to post my Youtube video in the next post about how to use them.  They are super quick and easy. You can buy them  Here ,  Here, and Here.

agbay  Yes, Yes, Yes, I know they are expensive, but they are sooooo worth the money.  I used to hate/dread when it came time to level and torte my cakes.  I did all the tricks and tried all the cheap versions and nothing is as good as an agbay!  But be very very careful, it is super super sharp.  I have cut myself a few times and I barely bumped it.

Silhouette Cameo cutting machine This machine is worth it’s weight in gold!!!  I use it all the time, from cutting my own stencils to cutting toppers.  You can have it cut sugar sheets, paper, stencil material and tons more!  If you hate writing on cakes, use it to cut sugar sheets and put the letters on the cake!  Don’t want to spend 10-15 dollars for each cake topper when you can cut your own!  I love this machine.  I plan in the future showing you some of the things that I do with it in tutorials.  Here are some pictures of a few things that I have made with it.

25552051_135422080482692_5430246964263436570_n 25659666_135421997149367_8073515878280788975_n The town and the wise men were cut on wafer paper with the Silhouette.

29543255_155903051767928_472022235199914135_n I can cut cake toppers like this one and hot glue them to a lolly pop stick instead of buying expensive toppers.

29570569_156020555089511_8878973721776137270_n I cut stencils for my paint your own cookies and other cakes and cookies!

31073031_161946604496906_2982433412125556736_n  I also cut wafer paper petals to make my flowers quickly!

Like I said I love this cutting machine and use it probably every week.

Double sided tape for ribbon  I love this tape!  I used to use a glue gun to get the ribbon around my boards until I heard of another caker that uses this!!!  Ever since I have used the double sided tape I have been in heaven.  No glue strings or burning fingers.  It is amazing!  And not expensive either!

Merckens Candy Coating Super White Chocolate      This Coating chocolate is the best.  It melts nicely and is perfect for making modeling chocolate!  I use modeling chocolate for not only wrapping a lot of my cakes (instead of fondant), but also for a lot of the designs and toppers for my cakes.  And if you buy it in bulk like this, then it is a lot cheaper than even the yucky tasting kind that you can get at Michaels.  To color just use candy coating colors (if using like chocolate or color with regular gel paste after it is turned to modeling chocolate.

6 quart flex blade  This is a must.  I hate having to scrape the edges of my bowl all the time.  This does the job well!!!

Air brush  I love this airbrush.  I can cover my cake board, cake, or topper with plain white fondant an then airbrush it to the color I need in just a minute or two instead of trying to knead in the color and struggle to get a good color. I also use it to stencil on cookies and adding dimension to my cakes and toppers. It is expensive, but so glad I got it.

Poppy paint

Is awesome!!!! I can paint on the color on the details on the cake!  I made a shark topper for a little boys cake. And the beauty is I didn’t have to try to get the colors correct and try and then mold it.  I molded the shark out of white modeling chocolate and painted the cake with my poppy paints!  It works even on chocolate!!!!


Quilters ruler and Self healing cutting mat

These are tools that I use constantly!  The quilters ruler helps me to cut straight lines with my fondant or modeling chocolate. It is the thickness of my modeling chocolate so it acts as my guide for the thickness.  I do this by putting two quilters rulers on the table with my modeling chocolate in between the rulers and roll it out with the edges of my roller on both rulers. I love that you can see through it so I can hold it up to a cake to see the height and lay objects on them to see how big/long they are. The self healing cutting mat is great for using as a guide when cutting and rolling.

Graduated circle cutters and varying size shapes I think it is a must to have graduated cutters.  And I love the Ateco brand they are the best.  Good quality cutters.  I use them all the time in my decorating and it is so nice to have the next size up from tiny to big!

Wafer paper  I love Wafer Paper!  You can create so much with it!!!  Flowers, designs, ruffles, toppers for cupcakes, etc.  There are quite a few things you can do with it!  I plan on posting some tutorials coming up, but you can check out my wafer paper flower tutorial here. It is a great way to make a beautiful flower for your cakes with out all the time of a gumpaste one.


If you have any questions or want to know if I have a specific tool or what I think of  a certain tool, let me know.

Happy Caking!

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