Unicorn Eyelashes the Quick and Easy Way!

Unicorn cakes are becoming quite popular for young girls birthday cakes.  But sometimes making all the pieces can be tedious.  A few weeks ago I discovered these cutters and will never go back to making unicorn eyes by hand!  The cutters were really inexpensive and work amazingly!  They thought of everything to even getting the pieces easily out of the cutters (which normally can be a pain in the bum!)

Unicorn eyelashes:




These cutters really save a ton of time trying to make cute eyes!  They are super quick and easy. You can buy them  Here ,  Here, and Here.

Check out my You Tube video below to see how easy they are!!! And I have links below to the spot on Amazon where I bought them.


You can buy them  Here ,  Here, and Here.

If you want more tools that I love that help make cake decorating faster and more efficient, check out My Top 12 Favorite tools!


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