Zombie Hand Tutorial

 I just recently made a Zombie cake and wanted to quickly put out a post on how to make a Zombie hand or any hand in general really.   Here are some tools that you will need: Petal Dusts (not luster dust unless you want your hand sparkly and shiny–not really a zombie feature, but I guess if you are doing a fairy or something … Continue reading Zombie Hand Tutorial

How to make edible fake blood

One of the cake decorating teachers that I took classes from in the past Erin Gardner has posted a great tutorial on Craftsy’s blog on how to make edible fake blood!  It looks awesome!  If you want to make a quick and easy cake this is perfect for your next Halloween party! Here are the Ingredients: 1 cup corn syrup 2 tablespoons water 2 tablespoons … Continue reading How to make edible fake blood

Monster Cake Class!

Halloween will be soon upon us.  Here is the first of the fun Halloween treats.  A simple monster cake, but totally cute.  But, what is more fun than a Monster cake? A Monster cake decorating class! Each girl received a 6 inch round cake and was taught how to make cake ball eyeballs and how to make the fur for their monster.  Then they were let loose … Continue reading Monster Cake Class!

3D T-rex cake Tutorial

After taking that structure class in Canada I was soon issued my first challenge.  My middle son had an upcoming birthday and asked for a T-Rex that was standing.  He wasn’t going to make it easy on me.  So I had to figure out the structure that would support a 3D T-Rex! I ended up doing a structure somewhat close to the dog one that I … Continue reading 3D T-rex cake Tutorial

Chevron baby shower cake, Marvelous Mold onlay.

Have you ever struggled to get something to go around your cake in a straight line?  If you have you know how difficult it can be.  That is why I LOVE the Marvelous Mold silicone onlays.  They are not only simple to use, but help you place it on your cake easily and in line. Here are some videos of how to show you how easy … Continue reading Chevron baby shower cake, Marvelous Mold onlay.

How to make the strings of the Basketball hoop cake.

Basketball is a popular sport, so for cake decorators you will probably need to make a basketball cake at least a few times in your career. There are a lot of basketball designs you can do, but this one is super simple and looks more inpressive than just your 3D basketball. The cake actually is super simple to make, yet impressive.  Let me show you … Continue reading How to make the strings of the Basketball hoop cake.

Free Craftsy Classes and Craftsy Unlimited

  I know I have mentioned before how much I love the Craftsy site and all of their classes, but I had to mention two more things about it! DID YOU KNOW THAT THEY HAVE SOME CLASSES FOR FREE? They aren’t as long as some of the regular ones, but there are quite a few in each crafting category and they are great.  My favorite … Continue reading Free Craftsy Classes and Craftsy Unlimited

Paw Patrol Cake, Fondant Character Tutorial!

Recently I made this cake for my daughters birthday.  I loved the method that I used to make the Paw Patrol Characters, so I thought I would share it with you!  It will change the way that you make characters for your cakes forever!  Here is what you need: *Templates *Fondant with Tylose Powder or Gumpaste *Food Color Markers or Royal Icing *Pico Projector * Adapter for HDMI and HDMI to Lighning … Continue reading Paw Patrol Cake, Fondant Character Tutorial!