Unicorn Eyelashes the Quick and Easy Way!

Unicorn cakes are becoming quite popular for young girls birthday cakes.  But sometimes making all the pieces can be tedious.  A few weeks ago I discovered these cutters and will never go back to making unicorn eyes by hand!  The cutters were really inexpensive and work amazingly!  They thought of everything to even getting the pieces easily out of the cutters (which normally can be … Continue reading Unicorn Eyelashes the Quick and Easy Way!

How to make Leprechaun Gold Coins

I LOVE silicone molds!!!  I have a weakness for them. Anytime I see one that I don’t own I have a hard time not buying it!  I especially love this new St. Patricks Day Mold that I bought.  It has 4 different mold designs: Gold Coins, Pot of Gold, Leprechaun hat, and Shamrock.  Today I want to show you the amazing gold coin mold. Now … Continue reading How to make Leprechaun Gold Coins

Storm Trooper Cupcake Tutorial

I thought I would start with the storm trooper.  It to me was the most time consuming one, but as long as you have a steady hand and patience then you are just fine.  I used the cookie cutter from Amazon If possible make the toppers for the cupcakes a few days before the party so they can harden slightly to hold their shape.  If you … Continue reading Storm Trooper Cupcake Tutorial